Diamond Project : IBid 4.0 Platform – Instructions to register for an iBid account

As in the previous post, we have briefly reviewed this iBid e-commerce project. Today Deal MLM will guide you on how to register and participate. Let’s go!!!

Homepage iBid Platform : https://gotobid.ibidtowin.com

Or visit here :

Instructions for iBid account registration

Information about this project you can register from the web or through the app always

Step 1. Visit iBidtowin.com’s Download section to download Android and iOS apps.

  • For Android: You still download the normal app on CHplay
  • For iOS: You still download the beta and up level normally. Using the TestFlight application, after installing the application successfully, click Download on App Store on ibidtowin.com or this link https://testflight.apple.com/join/6zYxvcwg to download the beta version of iBid.


Click on App settings. This is the main screen of iBid Auctions. Here you download the app offline.

After downloading, open it up, login interface of iBid.


Step 2 :  If you already have an account, then Login is ok. If not, click “Register” to register and fill in the information as instructed


+ Enter the Ref code : https://gotobid.ibidtowin.com/authentication/register?refID=IBIDMR7YO61

hoặc IBIDMR7YO61

+ Fill in the Email

+ Fill Full Name

+ Fill Password

+ Confirm password

Click Register to create an account

Step 3 : 4-digit code will be sent to your email account. Please fill in and complete the account registration. After that, you go to the settings on the app to complete the personal information is ok.

Step 4: To upgrade the level, click on the wallet indicator bitcoin => click continue on the decentralized wallet


If you use a wallet with private keys, then click import wallet, then copy the private keys and paste them.

If you use a wallet without privates keys, then click on create wallet. Then deposit USDT into the automatically generated wallet. As shown below.



Step 5 : After creating the wallet successfully. You return to the main screen and click on the screen (the circle), then clicks continue on the square to upgrade the level to the desired level.

The End 

So Deal MLM has successfully guided you to register your account and level up at the hottest financial trend in 2020. I wish you the right decision and success with your decision.

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