DIAMOND OPPORTUNITIES: Invest $ 25 to earn $ 1 million with E-commerce platform 4.0 – using Blockchain Technology

“In the past week, information about the e-commerce Platform 4.0 project has been continuously exploded, making the members in the online community excited and a lot of waves about this hot trend. Today we will briefly review DEAL MLM on this project.

I. Overview of how e-commerce (E-commerce) operations 4.0: IBID Platform

  • This e-commerce platform will be like amazon, ebay, lazada, … with the function of trading products and auctioning by value.
  • Using smartcontract (everything related to money is located directly in your wallet Erc-20, the Platform does not hold). It is the use of this blockchain system that contributes to the transparency of auction products and bidders.
  • About auctioning method: helping people to bid on their favorite products for only $ 0.13 = 1 Point (can bid on many items at the same time, the above illustration is of the Platform dealdash).
  • Auction method of 10 seconds countdown (every time someone clicks on the auction, the 10-second loop will count from the beginning) until no one presses the auction operation for that product within those 10 seconds, the product will belong to the last person to click.
  • People will bid by Point (range $ 0.13 = 1 Point), every click you will lose 1 Point. Points can be purchased or given for building systems.
  • The opportunity to own high value items is at your fingertips, as long as you click the auction and the next 10 seconds no one presses the auction, the product will belong to you (be it IP 11, or camry car , these are workable in this e-commerce platform).
  • For regular users, the bidders will be at Level 0. For products that the player successfully bid on, the product will be freeship.
See full information at here 

II. For system developers (leader)

  • When leaders reach level 4 (rank) and receive these tokens, they will only be donated.
  • 90% of people’s investment money is used to reward leaders (this MLM method will help the floor grow faster than other traditional exchanges).
  • Using matrix commission of up to 20 floors.
  • Leader has 8 levels to advance to assert himself.
  • 3 types of roses: – 40% direct commission from your F1 floor – Indirect commission (downline of your system or upstream downstream) with 1 ~ 6.25% for 8 ~ 20 floors below you (Use 50% to divide equally among the corresponding floors). – For every player who buys the auction point, the commission you receive is 5%.

III. How detailed operation of the rose matrix

Diagram of MLM model 12 floors

About how to build more floors :

  • Example “Leader” has a total of 12 downlines (ref). Initially the system will default to these 3 downlines in order from left to right. – Then at the 4th ref, the system will overflow the branch down to the left of F1 (the leftmost priority spill). – At the 5th ref, the system will overflow the branch to the bottom of F2 (middle priority spill). – At the 6th ref, the system will overflow to the lower right of F3 (priority spill must be same). – The subsequent ref from F7 to F12 will overflow in the style of filling from left to right.
  • The system will fill and prioritize leftmost, middle, rightmost.
  • Similarly for the later ref.
  • When overflowing, F1 F2 F3 “will still receive the indirect commission as the branch of the show system (F1 will receive indirect commission from F4, F7, F8).
  • “Leader” will still receive 40% direct commission and also receive 6.25% indirect commission from the ref “has” flooded the floor down.


– If the ref at the bottom has a higher level than the person above, it will be taken to the top (for example, F1 has level 2, but then F4 has level 3, then F4 will be moved up F1) This means that if the leaders do not work, they will be overtaken by the downlines. – Can only receive commissions directly from the leaders “lower or equal” level with yourself. Therefore, you must constantly upgrade your level to protect this system. Below are the fees for leveling up.

So from where to say $ 25 can earn 350 million VND?

Formula: for every $ 25 of person A to Level-1, 40% will be paid to the direct recruiter, 50% will be paid to all 8 upper routes (= 6.25%). let person A play auction, get reward.
  • Below is a spreadsheet of the maximum number of refs and commissions received from that level
  • As you saw at level 1 ($ 25), you can earn up to $ 15,400.
  • With the overflow mechanism, the initial ref full 8 floors will be very easy.
  • For leaders: Only need to run 1/4 of level 3 (full system $ 225) to earn $ 250k already.

IV. About token- Gifts only for the leader:

  • This is the gold mine for leaders.
  • Tokens are awarded when leaders are at level 4 or higher and are awarded by sales.
  • This token is PERMITTED, in addition to NOT SALE. This helps token increase scarcity.
  • Tokens when scarce, the price of the token from there will increase gradually.
  • Roadmap 2021 Token will be an ICO, a large floor list. The meaning of your assets will increase many times also from this token.

V. What is the best monetization strategy?

As you can imagine, it is easy to recruit Level-1, with only $ 25 everyone becomes Level-1. Since moving up to Level-2 is also very fast, there are many people who reach level 2 so it can start to level up if you don’t work hard.
The best strategy is to directly invest in Level-4, a level that is “safe” is not exceeded but is also given a Token for the future …
If you are determined to be serious, long-term and sustainable, you should also upgrade Level-4
When reaching Level-4, the maximum number is not 9500 people with $ 15k anymore, please see the picture below, full 12-storey tree, the maximum income figure is $ 22 million

VI.What is the risk here?

The project does not raise capital, has no investment package, does not pay interest … completely orthodox and transparent. So if listing the possibilities, the risk could only be:
– Do not return the product to you when the auction is won
– It cost me $ 25 if the project is scam :)) The official exchange they never scam your money that much, so this is not the case.
– Lose the money to level up if you’re inactive. If you determine you have made a lot of money, you must work.
So, after that, the risk is acceptable and not great, what crime would we overlook the opportunity to make such a terrible money.
See also: Instructions for registering and creating an IBID account


Okay so you have a rough idea of iBid e-commerce project and how to invest and level up. This will be a hot trend for 2020 and 2021, please consider and quickly join. Any decision to participate is risky and we are not responsible for your decision. I wish you success with the iBid project.

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